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Quick Tips to Remain Active Throughout the Work Day

By June 22, 2019April 6th, 2021Blogs, Jennifer Lynch, Psy.D.

As therapists, how often are we sedentary:  seeing patients, talking on the phone, completing documentation, or even mindlessly eating lunch?  Sedentary lifestyles lead to a variety of health problems including increased blood pressure, obesity, or musculoskeletal disorders.  Moving throughout the day helps to burn a greater number of calories.  Additionally, when we exercise, our bodies release endorphins, which create a euphoric sensation and re energize us. Exercise strengthens our muscles, improves muscle tone, and increases energy levels.  Given how important these benefits are, here are some ways that we can practice what we preach and engage in activities to keep us active during the day.

  • Don’t choose the close parking spot. Park farther away and walk the rest of the way.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Stand or pace while making phone calls.
  • Utilize a standing desk or stability ball instead of your typical office desk or chair to strengthen muscles and increase posture.
  • Pay attention to those reminders on your Smart Watches that remind you to get up and move.
  • Schedule time for lunch and eat without engaging in work. Remember to be mindful while you eat.
  • Leave some tennis shoes in your office and take a short walk. Challenge yourself to set aside morning and afternoon breaks.
  • Stretch or do simple yoga poses between patients.
  • Purchase a foam roller and roll out your muscles between sessions.
  • Walk to the printer, get water, or to the restroom between patients.
  • Walk over to the person you’d like to speak with instead of sending an email.
  • Try a few of these “desk exercises” –
  • Work out with colleagues – run or walk after work or meet before lunch a few days a week for activities (i.e. yoga class, lunge, squat, or pushup challenge).
  • Create a step challenge or set fitness goals with friends or coworkers to help hold you accountable.