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3 to 6 Week Partial Hospitalization (PHP) & Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)

If you or a loved one’s symptoms are more severe, an intensive approach may be necessary to benefit most from treatment. Research has indicated that an intensive treatment approach is effective for severe anxiety symptoms, because it keeps you focused on applying the acquired skills throughout the day. Change occurs more rapidly from the continuous practice of the tools. Our intensive programs are also ideal for patients from other states and countries seeking highly focused, individually-tailored treatment for OCD & anxiety disorders.

Patients in our individualized, one-on-one PHP and IOP are engaged in exposure & response prevention (ERP), cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and family systems treatment and support with a dedicated treatment team for 3-6 weeks. Our PHP offers 6 treatment hours a day for 5 days a week, while our IOP entails 3-4 treatment hours a day for 2-5 days a week. Each treatment day is divided into two to three sessions consisting of skills building, skills training, and skills rehearsal to achieve the most consistent and productive results .

The initial diagnostic evaluation allows us to determine the length and intensity of treatment required based on each sufferer’s symptom presentation and level of family involvement. A tailored treatment plan that is specific to each patient’s unique needs is then developed and implemented by our team of OCD and anxiety experts.

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