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The Renewed Freedom Center was established in 2008 by Jenny C. Yip, Psy.D., ABPP to help those suffering from OCD and anxiety disorders by providing the most advanced treatment available. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts are dedicated to helping patients and their families improve their lives by overcoming OCD and anxiety.

We Know OCD & Anxiety Inside-Out

Dr. Yip understands the challenges that her patients face everyday. Her own struggles and triumph with OCD throughout childhood allows her to fully understand the nuances and obstacles of defeating OCD and anxiety. Working together, she creatively tailors treatment to your unique needs in order to ensure the most beneficial outcome.

We Specialize in Helping Children & Families

Many children suffer mild to severe levels of anxiety that often develop into more complex conditions in teens and adults when left untreated or misdiagnosed. Not only do anxiety disorders cause children to struggle in school and in making friends, they can disrupt the entire family life.

When a child’s world is governed by severe anxiety disorders, family members often change their usual routines to accommodate the child’s relentless demands. This can leave many family members feeling helpless, frustrated, resentful, and even anger.

At RFC, we teach children tools to help them change unhealthy, anxiety-driven behaviors in order to build confidence and self-reliance. Likewise, we teach family members strategies to be supportive without enabling or completely abandoning the child’s needs. When dynamics within the family system are not addressed, treatment is less productive and results can be limited.

Our Mission

In patient care, Renewed Freedom Center’s mission is to provide the most effective, state-of-the-art, brief treatment with benefits that last beyond the termination of therapy. We see our patients as students learning to master a set of skills to manage their distressing symptoms that interfere with their daily functioning. In order to decrease the discomfort generated from various sources of anxiety, we need to understand how errors in our thinking trigger emotional imbalances that determine our behaviors. Knowledge and understanding gained through treatment will allow an individual the ability to identify these negative thinking patterns, evaluate it properly, and adjust faulty thinking patterns to reflect the circumstance more accurately.

Consequently, anxiety and discomfort will be significantly reduced, which will improve our overall functioning. In a sense, as in managing diabetes or heart disease, learning to manage and correct our distorted thinking patterns that trigger anxiety and distress is a long-term lifestyle adjustment. Treatment is direct, brief, and focuses on the here-and-now, which usually spans no more than 4-6 months. The success of treatment is dependent upon the individual’s level of motivation and effort. As in any teacher-student relationship, our role is to educate and guide the student, while the individual’s role is to learn and actually do the work that is assigned. The goal is to equip the individual with the necessary skills to be capable of managing his/her own symptoms. With the tools acquired through treatment, patients are able to apply them to other situations and future circumstances.

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