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Fun Stay-At-Home Activities For Anxious Kids

By April 21, 2020Blogs

For children, illness-related obsessions and the resulting compulsions are distressing enough on an average day. Add to the mix an international quarantine and constant public discussion of a dangerous virus, and, understandably, a child with OCD may be struggling. Therefore, parents may also have difficulty adapting to these drastic lifestyle changes. Humans are creatures of habit and we do not enjoy abrupt disruptions to our routine and habits, children, and adults alike. Furthermore, children are also feeling more isolated because school can provide a healthy distraction through constant stimulation, both academically and socially.

It is important for parents to help their children remain resilient during this time by recognizing that it is challenging and validate that it makes sense if they are having trouble adjusting. However, it is also helpful to remember that this can be a valuable opportunity if everyone chooses to take advantage of it. Families can use this time as a chance to grow stronger, both together and individually. Normally the number one excuse for not engaging in growth-oriented activities, like self-care or treatment, is we do not have enough time. Since that is no longer a good excuse, now is the time to complete that “to-do list”, finish that project, try a new hobby, or practice a new skill.

However, this is also the time to be extra compassionate towards ourselves and others. So, make sure that you include plenty of enjoyable activities on the to-do list. This will help children build the strength and motivation to tackle more challenging tasks, like treating their anxiety. Here are some of the creative activities to try with anxious kids:

  • Teach your hobbies (cars, makeup, train models, crafting, etc.).
  • Have them teach you their favorite hobbies (Legos, videogames, etc.).
  • Learn new skills together, yoga meditation, gardening
  • Make decorations, curate a playlist, and throw a family dance party.
  • Try a new cookie or cake recipe. Bonus idea: Set up a camera or smartphone and film a cooking show!
  • Go camping in the living room.
  • Set up an in-home nail salon and try some nail art techniques.
  • Dress up in your best clothes and have a fancy dinner.
  • Teach your pet a new trick.
  •  Have an indoor picnic.
  •  Listen to an audiobook or podcast.
  •  Create your own bingo cards and have a bingo tournament.
  •  Create a family tree.
  •  Let your kids write and direct a stop-motion movie.
  •  Make a maze on the floor with painter’s tape.
  •  Play with sidewalk chalk.
  •  Make paper airplanes and see whose plane flies the farthest.
  •  Play dress up with mom and dad’s clothes.
  •  Rearrange or redecorate your room.
  •  Have a pillow fight.
  •  Make an indoor obstacle course.
  •  Have a family music night.
  •  Build a giant fort out of blankets, chairs, and pillows
  •  Put on a puppet show.
  •  Make a scrapbook.
  •  Do a puzzle.
  •  Create a new dessert.
  •  Put on your bathrobes and play spa day.
  •  Decorate a T-shirt.
  •  Write letters to family and friends.
  •  Build a bridge or building with toothpicks or Q-tips.
  •  Make a time capsule! One day your kids can use it to tell their kids all about this craziness.
  •  Create and compete in a family Olympics tournament.