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Let’s Erase the Stigma for a Renewed Freedom

By September 1, 2012Blogs

The Renewed Freedom Center is happy to announce that we will be collaborating with a wonderful organization, Let’s Erase The Stigma (LETS) Educational Foundation, to spread awareness and advocate for the millions of youth in the United States suffering the stigma of mental health and other social issues.
Now that kids and teens are going back to school, some of them may feel anxious and scared about things that may be hard for them to talk about. Stigma is the number one reason people are afraid to seek help, but LETS is changing that.
LETS Educational Foundation addresses issues that youth face every single day in school, in the media, and at home—issues that are sometimes hard to discuss. LETS is changing the world because they encourage the youth to start LETS Clubs in school for their peers to have a place where they can speak up about mental health (concerns like depression, eating disorders, cutting, anxiety, stress, and self-esteem), bullying, teen suicide, discrimination, prejudice, and stereotypes, school safety, gangs, teen violence, substance abuse, and the exclusion of anyone who feels alone or “different.”
LETS youth come from all walks of life, whether they have challenges or simply want to make a difference. They care about leadership, community service, advocacy, social change, creative projects, citizenship, extracurricular activities, speaking up and sharing ideas, and reaching out to those in need.
The Renewed Freedom Center is truly excited for the upcoming projects we will be working hand in hand with LETS. We highly encourage you to visit their website,, to learn more about this amazing foundation and start erasing the stigma for a renewed freedom!