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Let’s Give the Gift of Hope to Sufferers of Anxiety Disorders

By January 1, 2013Blogs

It is exciting to welcome another year. Most of us are energized about the joy and happiness associated with the start of a New Year. However, for many, the New Year may be associated with anxiety and fear. While this may be a time for celebration, it may also be a difficult time for those suffering from anxiety disorders.
It is not pleasant when your mind is constantly preoccupied with worries and unwanted thoughts. It is not joyful when you are so isolated that even the thought of being in a crowd triggers fear and anxiety. It is not peaceful when you are reliving traumatic and terrifying experiences in your dreams and flashbacks.  Nothing is festive when fear and anxiety take control of your life.
Let’s make 2013 a better year for everyone, including those who have long suffered from anxiety. Let’s spread awareness about mental health and guide others in the right direction to get the relief they need. Let’s familiarize ourselves with the signs and symptoms of anxiety disorders, and the effective treatment options available. Let’s educate ourselves and share this information with our friends, families, classmates, colleagues, and communities. Let’s encourage each other to speak openly about our concerns and to seek help.
The stigma associated with anxiety disorders often prevents sufferers from seeking treatment. We can end this stigma by coming together and spreading awareness to the world. Let’s share the joy and happiness of this New Year with all those suffering from anxiety disorders by giving them the gift of hope.
We hope 2013 will bring prosperity, happiness, health, and wealth to all, especially those seeking relief from anxiety.
More resources on anxiety disorders and erasing stigma can be found at: