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Mindful Team Building to Foster Patient Success

By March 1, 2013Blogs

Here at RFC, we understand how critical teamwork is for the effectiveness of our organization in providing quality patient care. As a growing mental health treatment center, there are 4 essential components that our team is built on in order to offer the most beneficial treatment solutions and foster patient success.
Trust: Just as our patients trust our therapists, trust is critical in any team. Each person in the team has a relationship with another team member. A relationship without trust is not really a relationship at all. Trust is the basis for creating a healthy work environment. It is the foundation for conflict resolution, collaboration, and effective communication between team members.
Conflict Resolution: Our therapists work with patients and their families to resolve conflicts caused by anxiety. In the RFC team, conflict management minimizes the friction and discord between team members. Its objective is not to ignore issues, however instead, address conflict in a proactive manner that produces a peaceful resolution. Through conflict, different ideas, values, and beliefs are exposed that, when respected, can generate more effective communication and understanding among team members.
 Collaboration: It is always important to work well with others or their input in any team. The collaborative mindset is characterized as active participation versus being a mere passive observer. Much like how our therapists collaborate with patients to develop hands-on, tailored treatments, collaboration within the RFC team result in the advancement of various creative strategies that improve treatment success.
 Effective Communication: Constructive communication reduces the chance of conflicts in a team setting. Communicating mindfully improves the relations among team members and enhances overall team effort, which transcends to the quality care provided to our patients.

Recently, the RFC Team delightfully savored the unique Team Building Event at FoodStory. [FoodStory, founded by Yoko Issasi, is an event planning firm committed to presenting educational and entertaining workshops through the art of Japanese Cooking]. Our staff enjoyed a privately tailored team building workshop that fits in line with our treatment approach. Check out the pictures below to see us working in teams, to present our ‘OCD Monster’.
 For more information about FoodStory’s Team Building Events, visit