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The first picture I drew was an alien. I started off drawing him big because that’s
what he is. His name is Mr. Bossy. He bossed me around. He told me things that I didn’t want to believe and put nasty thoughts in my head. I told my mom about them and I got help. I began doing exposures in my session to help me not feel bossed around by Mr. Bossy. I wrote some things down, drew certain pictures, and listened to specific music to challenge Mr. Bossy. I wanted to be the one who

bossed him around. The second drawing is the same Mr. Bossy but a few months later. I drew him differently this time because he got smaller. I drew the lines of the frame differently and even my handwriting was different. I then started doing exposures to bugs and insects. I looked at pictures, watched videos, and learned a lot about them. I learned a lot about lady bugs, jumping spiders, and bees. I began doing exposures looking and being around bees. That was the scariest. The third drawing is how Mr. Bossy looks like now after completing my exposures. I continued to work on my exposures and challenge myself at home, during baseball practices, and whenever I went to the park with my family. I drew Mr. Bossy smaller than my last two drawings of him because he is that small now. I wanted to get him small enough that I can flick him off when he is getting annoying and makes me scared of things. So now when Mr. Bossy comes around I am able to ignore him, not listen to what he says, don’t agree with him, and keep doing the things I enjoy to do. I no longer take orders from Mr. Bossy, I am the boss of myself.



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