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New School Year, New You!

By August 17, 2019April 6th, 2021Blogs, Jasmine Jeter, B.S.

And just like that another summer is ending, and back to school you go! Don’t we all wish summer vacation could last forever? While that might sound amazing, it may also limit us in several ways. Summer is important in allowing our brains to relax and flex in different ways.  But school is also an important avenue for learning and growing. You might be wondering why you ought to look forward to this. The following are some things to be excited about when going back to school:

  • New Classroom or new Teacher: If you are going to a new school or a new grade, you’re going to be in a new environment. It can be a little scary, but think about all the new things you’ll be surrounded by or the new things you’ll learn from your teacher. For example, what if your classroom is Avengers themed, or your teacher really likes baseball like you do!
  • New friends: What is more exciting than making new friends? Find something you have in common with someone new and watch your friendship grow. Also, it is okay to not have something in common because that just means you can teach each other new things. Just remember to always be kind to one another because, chances are, other people are just trying to make friends just like you and may be just as nervous about it!
  • New school supplies: Back to school means new wardrobe and new school supplies for some kids. A new school year is a new opportunity to look your best and tackle school tasks with a new do, new crew, and new you!
  • New Interests: Remember to keep in mind you’re always growing, so something you loved last year may not be that interesting to you anymore. That is normal and a good sign that your brain is continuing to expand! This is a chance to discover a new hobby you might like, or even an opportunity to figure out what you don’t like it. The point is, a new school year brings opportunities to try new things and have more experiences.

Change can be a scary thing to kids AND adults. Just remember that change and new experiences keeps us growing and improving.