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Pediatric OCD Action Plan

By April 29, 2013Blogs

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is one of the most common mental health disorders among children and adolescents. OCD symptoms may go unnoticed for months and years until the symptoms are severe enough to draw attention. Parents can help their child if they know about the signs and symptoms of OCD. For example, when parents notice their child spending long periods of time in bathrooms washing and cleaning themselves, repeating certain behaviors, or having excessive fears of coming into contact with someone or something, then the child may have OCD. These are only a few common signs of OCD, and symptoms vary from one child to another. OCD often impairs a child’s social and academic functioning, which result in lower grades at school, isolation from other children, and anxiety about going to school.
Awareness enables parents to identify and recognize the signs of OCD in their child, and thus, allow them to seek treatment early on when symptoms are more amenable to change. Symptoms that have endured for years on end are more stable and resistant to change. Parents can increase their awareness about OCD and take action by consulting articles available online, books, and other media sources that focus on Pediatric OCD. For further resources or to speak with a pediatric OCD expert, parents can refer to our website: