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Puzzled by How to Fight the Blues?

By October 31, 2016Blogs

Have you ever thought your child seems sad, depressed, anxious, worried, or unmotivated? Although you may often need to confirm your child’s emotions, it’s not as easy as saying, “don’t worry be happy” or “stop being worried”. Reassurances may not always work; but, engaging your child in small pleasurable activities can change their negative thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, promoting a different style of thinking.

Positive thinking is a very important tool you can practice with your child. A rainy day that appears to be negative can turn into a positive experience. Walking in the rain with a nice umbrella or a colorful rain jacket can change the way we think about it. But, if going outside isn’t possible, staying inside and enjoying something as simple as completing puzzles are also ways to change negatives into a positives.
Below you will find two puzzles created to help your child to turn negative statements into positive ones. At the least, it gives them something else to think about that can make them feel better.
Words to Make You Happy
If you are ever tired or sad,
And not feeling very glad.
Try thinking for a while,
Of things that make you smile.
You may ride a bike, or look at birds,
Or do the search and find the words.
You might need a little nuzzle,
To try something new like a crossword puzzle.
So if you’re feeling a little slow.
Then do the crossword puzzle below.
You will need to read the clues.
To help you get rid of the blues.
Instead of taking a little nappy.
You can print the word search below in a snappy.
And after you circle all the words that you see.
You will surely be as happy as you can be.
Crossword Puzzle