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Helping Kids Strengthen the Mind-Body Connection

By March 1, 2016Blog, Blogs

We are born relying on cues from our bodily sensations, interacting with the world based on how our bodies feel. As we grow older, our mind becomes dominant and we rely more on our minds to tell us how we feel and how to respond. We often lose touch with our inner sensations: our breath and physical senses which show us how to interact with the external world.
By listening to our bodies, like babies do, we can strengthen the innate mind-body connection present from birth. By teaching our children to tap into this mind-body connection, we help them develop a healthy connection of being fully present. They learn to experience the world through their five senses, connecting their bodies to their feelings.
Art is an effective way to teach children to name, show, and recognize their emotions and how they feel. This worksheet is a great tool to help children with mind-body connection. For a printable version of worksheet, click here.
Directions: Ask your child to choose a color to represent each emotion and then color in the part of the body where the feeling is experienced. For example; your child may color the fists red for anger. Happiness might be shown by coloring the face yellow. Let your child be creative with this project. It can be a great way to get them to talk about their feelings and help them identify where in the body they feel certain emotions.