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The Fearless Life with Dr. Yip Podcast

By March 1, 2016November 19th, 2020Blog, Blogs, Dr. Jenny Yip

During his year tenure at Renewed Freedom Center, Noah Laracy became inspired by discussions lead by the executive director, Dr. Jenny Yip. These candid talks, centered on particular aspects of anxiety, opened his mind to how anxiety affects us. Feeling that this information should be made available to everyone, and to start a dialogue around fear and anxiety, The Fearless Life with Dr. Yip podcast is created.

The Fearless Life with Dr. Yip, a bi-weekly podcast, covers topics of fear, social anxiety, dating, procrastination and much more. This one-on-one dialogue between host Noah Laracy and Dr. Jenny C. Yip is designed to engage listeners on a level that is entertaining, educational, and easy to follow.

Join the discussion and discover your fearless life. Following us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and let us know how you are fearless. Use hashtag #thefearlesslife in your post. To read more about Dr. Yip the expert, author and public speaker, visit her website at