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Pokémon Go, Pro or Con?

By August 31, 2016April 6th, 2021Blog, Blogs, Cloris Brown, B.A.

These days, apps have become our go to for entertainment, education and exercise. Since 2008, nearly 225,000 million apps have been downloaded worldwide; putting everything we could ever imagine in the palm of our hands.  By 2010 “app” had become the “Word of the Year” by the American Dialect Society. Six years later, apps are still trailblazing their way into every person’s world affecting our lives in ways we may not even notice.
One app that has coursed its way in many lives is Pokémon Go. Since its release in July, it has been downloaded 130 million time. Most of the gain in popularity over other gaming apps is the on the go feature that requires the end user to step outside the comforts zone to take the entertainment to the streets.  Though praised over the game’s concept, this feature has also sparked a lot of concerns. So before you allow your child to download it, check out RFC staff’s unfiltered and raw list of pros and cons.   

Pro: For clients who struggle with social anxiety, it could motivate them to get out and interact with others.
Pro: Forces you to engage with society.
Pro: Gets kids outside and around other kids.
Pro: Can increase social skills
Pro: Opens up opportunities to talk about community safety.
Pro: Gives children a social setting that offers ways to find things in common with their peers.
Pro: Great way to practice mindfulness and good for assertiveness.
Pro: People are becoming more active since the app requires user to walk to catch Poké Eggs.
Pro: Discover new places to go.
Con: Forgetting to be aware and ‘in the moment’.
Con: Users have been hurt and wandered into traps where they were robbed.
Con: Can create social isolation. Being so into the game and neglecting family and friends.
Con: Can be distracting when driving or walking.
Con: Can become addictive.
Con: Disengaging from person to person contact.
Con: Users can become withdrawn and lack awareness of people, places and things when playing. Not good, if you are working on mindfulness.
Con: Keeps kids attached to electronic devices.
Con: Parent should be concerned if guidelines are being followed; such as, being aware of surroundings while playing.
Con: Another new technology trend to use to avoid and distract. It can fuel addictive brains and over stimulates the reward center, making it difficult to get pleasure from more calming activities like board games.
So there you have it, our raw opinions on #pokemango.  As you can see, many are similar. We decided not to merge them so you can see what is most concerning and/or more useful. If you allow your child to play this game, keep the pros and cons in mind when discussing your rules. And remind your child to get out and enjoy the app but remember to stay aware and present, and play with a partner when adventuring into new territories.