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The Stress-Less Life Podcast

During the two years I spent at Renewed Freedom Center as a pre-doctoral intern, I often found myself looking forward to the weekly staff meetings. It was during these meetings I had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Yip speak on anxiety and OCD. With each discussion my worldview changed as I looked back on my life identifying how my anxiety and fears were holding me back. With this newfound knowledge, I can now walk through many experiences I would have avoided.
As a serious podcast fan and a person, who listens to college courses on iTunes, it was only natural for me to envision a podcast series based around anxiety. Before I know it I was pitching this idea to Dr. Yip, and she said ‘yes’! Ten months later, here we are ready to launch, The Stress-Less Life podcast.
During this season, The Stress-Less Life podcast series will cover topics ranging from social anxiety, panic attacks, procrastination, dating anxiety, and pediatric anxiety. We can find us on iTunes and Google Play by clicking any of the links above. Subscribe, like, and comment so we can get the conversation started. If you have direct questions for me, your host, or topic suggestions for Dr. Yip and the series, please send them to


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