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Epik Fall

By August 31, 2016Blog, Blogs

(The following is an exposure for one of our 15 year old clients entering High School. He is working on breaking his fear of criticism with perfectionistic tendencies by intentionally making mistakes.)

Hello, im JJ. I’m a fiften-year-old with social anxiety about to start high school. thanks to my treatment at te Renewed Freedom center, my Freshmen year is going to be great without my anxiety to hinder my learning and interactin with peers.
During my time with dr Yep and her staff, I learned about countless wayz to deel with my anxiety. It had become a huge problem at home and was interfeering with my family life.

One of my worst triggers when it came to mah anxiety was criticism from bothe pears and adults. I would become so anxious when I made a mistake at school and everyone noticed.
But after my month long IoP, I was able to control my anxiety and have a beter time delling with my peers and my family. Im so glad that I wuz able two get my problem under control. I’m now living a much better life than before.
JJ, Patient